THERA-Trainer bemo 620

The THERA-Trainer bemo is the perfect bed application for use in many settings such as Intensive Care Units, Renal Dialysis, Residential Care and many more.

The THERA-Trainer bemo is a therapy device for circular passive, assistive or active movement of the upper and lower extremities, including symmetry display and spasm detection.

The THERA-Trainer bemo helps to mobilise patients whose mobility is restricted after accidents, operation or general illnesses affecting the musculoskeletal system. The bemo is also used for mobilisation during dialysis.

Thera Bemo


THERA-Trainer bemo: : The Perfect Bed Application Device

  • Control and display unit with 2.7" colour screen
  • Foot rests with calf rest and pads with Velcro straps
  • Therapy grips for arm exerciser with optional hand attachment
  • Electric Height Adjustment
  • Sensor controlled distance detection
  • Tool-free plug-in system for accessories
  • Automatic accessory and range of movement detection
  • Emergency stop function on the control and display unit
  • Patient controlled emergency stop button
  • Spasm detection

Thera bemo

The THERA-Trainer bemo is the perfect bed application therapy exercise equipment for many conditions such as:

  • ICU post-operative and critically ill patient
  • Locked in syndrome
  • Long term bed rest patients
  • Renal Dialysis

Thera Bemo

What are the benefits of regular THERA-Trainers exercise with the bemo?

  • Early start to rehabilitation in the ICU
  • Reduce complications of long-term bed rest while in ICU
  • Improve circulation for all patients and specifically during dialysis
  • Sustain muscle power
  • Improve flexibility
  • Stimulate metabolic process
  • Improve bladder and bowel function
  • Increase stamina levels
  • Decrease fluid retention
  • Promote early mobilisation and earlier hospital discharge

THERA bemo

Description Dimensions/Info
Equipment variant THERA-Trainer bemo
Screen size 2.7''
Dimensions (L x W x H) ca. 89 x 143 x 118-158
Bed / couch width Up to 115cm
Floor Space 1.3m2
Weight ca. 86.5kg

Permitted patient Measurements:

Body height 120 – 200cm
Body weight Up to 180kg
Motor drive Motor drive 300 watt electric motor
Thera bemo Accessories

Wristband for arm-rests

  • For fast and easy fixation of a weak hand at a safety handle, therapy grip or tetra grip
Thera bemo Accessories

Foot fixings

  • For fast and comfortable fixation of the feet in the foot-rests
  • Soft foam positional cushions
  • Prevents pressure marks
  • Easy to operate unassisted
Thera bemo Accessories

Fore armrests with bar grips

  • Fore armrests with bar shaped grips
  • Recommended for weak grip
Thera bemo Accessories

Forearm rests with bar grips & wristbands

  • Fore armrests with bar shaped grips
  • Wristbands for secure comfort grip
  • Recommended for weak grip
Thera bemo Accessories

Leg support

  • Calf support with calf pad and Velcro strap
Thera bemo Accessories

Adapter for upper body training

  • Tool free adapter for addition of upper body training
Thera bemo Accessories

THERA Soft with wireless receiver for PC

  • THERA Soft software programme for active training
Thera bemo Accessories

Patient emergency stop

  • Remote emergency stop for patient use

The THERA-Trainer bemo is the most advanced therapy exercise bed application equipment in the market suitable for use in hospital and rehab settings.

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We offer a free no obligation demonstration at your department by a qualified and experienced sales advisor. We also offer a short trial period of the bemo – for more information on this please contact us on 01908-564100