Mobi 540

The THERA-Trainer mobi 540 is a small and handy leg and arm exerciser. It is designed to mobilize the elderly and persons with slight physical limitations. It was developed especially for daily use at home and for versatile use in a care facility.
Mobi 540

THERA-Trainer mobi:

  • Control and display unit with 2.7" colour screen
  • Foot rests and V Handles
  • Evaluation of training success: watt, calories, km distance
  • Ergonomic remote control (=small and handy)
  • Portable
  • 100 - 240v, 50/60 Hz power connection
Mobi 540
The THERA-Trainer mobi is suitable for the elderly and people with general infirmity as well as for medical conditions such as diabetis, stroke, rheumatism, arthritis, dementia, early MS, Parkinson‘s disease, etc. The THERA-Trainer mobi 540 is not appropriate for people with heavy physical disability
Mobi 540

What are the benefits of regular THERA-Trainer exercise?

  • Maintaining mobility (contracture prophylaxis)
  • Activation of cardiovascular system
  • Increase of endurance
  • Activation of metabolism process
  • Maintain and increase of muscular strength
Mobi 540
Description Dimensions/Info
Equipment variant THERA-Trainer MOBI 540
Screen size 2,7'' (= 51 x 40 mm)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 50 x 46 x 43 cm (ca. 19,7 x 18,1 x 16,9 inch)
Weight ca. 13.5 kg
Motor drive 240 watt electric motor (leg exerciser)


Control and display unit: Control and display unit with 2.7"-colour screen This control and display unit features a 2.7" colour screen (51 × 40 mm) with clearly readable exercise data. Beside the START/STOP traffic light control, the ergonomic remote control allows controlling all necessary settings.

Thera Live Accessories Wristbands for therapy grips
  • Compatible to fore arm rests with bar shaped grips and grip bolts
  • For ideal fixation of the fore arms
  • Recommended for heavy limitations in the movement and spasms
Thera Live Accessories Portable Carry Bag for the mobi
  • Suitable to carry the MOBI and accessories
  • Fold out bag with sections for all parts and controller
  • Safe storage and dust protector
Mobi 540

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