Group gaming

Group gaming - Software

The exciting new Group Gaming package allows for up to 4 patients to play one of the biofeedback-controlled games together. The therapist or therapy assistant decides which patients will take part in the group exercise.

Most patients like group gaming sessions much more than exercising alone. More fun means more motivation, and more motivation means longer sessions. Group Exercise gives the sessions a social component and the patients will see how different therapy can be.

Every THERA-Trainer has its own screen and can be used separately for individual exercise as well as group gaming.

A winning combination

Group training provides additional motivation and is more fun. The group biofeedback option allows up to four users to exercise simultaneously in front of a large screen – either with or in competition with each other. The user can decide whether they want to exercise alone or with others in a group.

The group biofeedback option for THERA-Trainers combines the advantages of group therapy with important concepts in learning theory.

  • Repetitive training at high intensity leads to more successful training
  • Taskoriented training increases training motivation
  • Biofeedback provides targeted feedback of training performance for patient and therapist
  • Group therapy promotes and indeed requires interaction between those affected and therefore social interaction

Pure motivation

Take the THERA-Trainer helicopter for a ride: Your task is to move the helicopter up or down by adjusting the speed and to nudge around the balloon. You'll be surprised how much fun it is to exercise with this biofeedback – and you won’t even notice that this is excellent endurance training. Who doesn't enjoy biking through the hills? The biofeedback option »Bike tour« is a therapy exercise in which several people move through a landscape by pedalling quickly or slowly as required.

Group Gaming