Circle Rehabilitation Birmingham Become Our Latest Reference Centre

We at Medicotech are so excited to have delivered and installed the full range of THERA Trainer equipment at Circle Rehabilitation Birmingham.

Circle Rehabilitation Birmingham has become our new reference clinic for the LYRA Gait Trainer and also have the complete solution for therapy with the BALO and THERA Trainer bike.

It offers the complete solution offered by the THERA Trainers for the therapy room.

From Active / Passive cycling with the TIGO range of bikes, moving on to standing and balancing with our Balo dynamic standing frame and then the amazing Lyra Gait Trainer. Our range is proving invaluable to the complete rehabilitation of patients and clients throughout the UK and Circle Rehabilitation in Birmingham offer a perfect one-stop solution.

If you would like to experience any of our products for your own Therapy Room then call us on 01908-564100 to book in a demonstration or loan.