Parkinson Rehabilitaion

Regular exercise for the Parkinson's sufferer will reduce the incidence of muscle cramps, rigidity of the joints and the aches and pains associated with staying still for long periods of time. Also, because exercise helps the sufferer to maintain control over many of their gross movements (although maybe not the tremors) it gives them a heightened sense of achievement and so stress and anxiety levels remain low. Keeping a positive mental attitude is incredibly important in conditions like Parkinson's disease where sufferer can very easily become frustrated and discouraged with their predicament.

As with all exercise routines, the patient should start with a good warm up followed by the exercise activity of their choice or which has been scheduled for that day, and then they should finish with a positive cool down so that the chances of developing muscle cramps and injuries are greatly reduced. An exercise session should ideally last around 15-20 minutes and should not by any means exhaust the patient. Overexertion can be equally as damaging to a Parkinson's sufferer as no exercise at all.

The THERA-Trainers equipment offer the solution to gradual, gentle and effective exercise from the comfort of your own home. By the ability to cycle passively as well as actively your muscles, joints and tendons will benefit from graduated cycling movement. By following a planned exercise regime with the THERA-Trainers symptoms of Parkinson’s are able to be relieved.