Some hope on the horizon for MS

We were all amazed to hear of the amazing breakthrough in the treatment of MS in the UK earlier this year. We watched in amazement as a patient who had deteriorate in 1 year from being an able-bodied athlete to needing a wheelchair full time.

This level of deterioration devastates a person, their life and their family so when a trial was offered to try a new ‘miracle’ procedure Steven Story was keen to take part.

The treatment involves a course of chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transfusion. 4 months later Steven was able to stand unaided, and with continuing physiotherapy he is now able to swim and cycle and hopes that walking will be the next big step.

The procedure, like all new treatments, has its problems and was not successful on all who tried it, but for those for whom it worked it has made a dramatic positive change to the quality of their lives.

Although this procedure is not and will not be suitable for all patient with MS it must surely give hope to many who previously had none.