Physiotherapy Unit - Badby Park

Dear Medicotech

I would like to thank you for a chance of trying the Balance trainer that I found very useful with the patients after stroke and/or Brain/spinal injury.

The Balance trainer allowed me to break the barrier of the patient’s fear to weight bear through the weaker side of his body.

Dynamic training has helped to improve functionality of the weaker side and move to the next step of the rehabilitation process.

In functional therapy it is important to give the patient something that he/she can focus on, that gives the chance to do activity naturally like we do in everyday life...

balance trainer gives that by additional therapy games, that makes therapy fun and more effective.

All therapists at Badby Park are recommending the Balance trainer and we are very happy to have had the chance of using it in practice which gave us more experience for future work.

Best Regards
Dariusz Szczodry
Physiotherapy Unit